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1. This application does not guarantee acceptance to Queen Margaret’s School.

2. This application, and enrolment if applicable, is subject to the parent/guardian providing full disclosure to the school or its agent of any academic, emotional and/or behavior factors that would affect the student’s academic progress, success in the classroom and/or life at the school for the student or others. Misrepresentation or omission may result in denial of admission or termination of enrolment.

3. If provided below, I authorize Queen Margaret’s School to apply the Application and Assessment Fee of $200 (Junior Kindergarten and Preschool $150) to my credit card account as indicated.

Admission Student Questionnaire

To be completed independently by the student if they are applying for Grades 4 – 12.

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For Students Entering Grades 8 To 12
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Please choose 1 of these three statements, and write a 250 – 300 word response to it in your own words.

  • If you could travel back in time to any event in history, what would it be and why? OR/
  • You are have won a free ticket to go anywhere in the world! Where will you go and why? What will you do there? OR/
  • Think about an important social or world issue that is important to you. Please describe the issue and your opinion.
  • I understand and agree to the following:

    1. The information I have provided about me is truthful and accurate.

    2. If I am accepted to Queen Margaret’s School, I will participate enthusiastically in school life, classes and activities both inside and outside the classroom.

    3. The QMS community does not tolerate bullying, smoking, inappropriate behaviour or banned substances. I will read, understand and comply with school rules.

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